Your Event, Our Experience.

Is your organization looking for some extra assistance hosting an event or looking to make more connections with other campus orgs? Consider collaborating with us! We’re always looking to help other student organizations by providing funding, event staff, or an extra set of heads to think of ideas!

How Can I Get In Touch?

If you and your organization are interested in collaborating with BDP, please reach out to

In your email, please include:

  • Who are you, and what club are you reaching out on behalf of?

  • What event are you envisioning? This could be the date, time, location, and what the event will entail. If you don’t have the details hammered out yet, no worries! Just let us know what you have so far!

  • Who/what do you want us to provide? Whether it’s a movie, performer, or staff, let us know! If not, don’t worry, we can help with that as well!

Please note, depending on the budget of what is being provided, we may ask for your organization to cover part of the cost of what is being provided. This is extremely flexible depending on your org’s own budget and the total cost.