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The best way to experience all that Blue Devil Productions has to offer is by joining the group. We have an open door policy, which means you can come to any of our meetings any time you want. We are all very friendly people and are always up for meeting new people that are interested in what the group does. Following are some suggestions as to how you might become more involved and see if BDP is right for you.

Become a Member

Street team members are the students involved with Blue Devil Productions that keep the organization running. They are involved in the day-to-day activities of maintaining and running our events. Some activities that members can help out with include card scanning at all events (which includes large formatted shows), photographing events, being involved with promotional activities, helping with posters, as well as setting up and tearing down events. Members can also help out with our digital and printed marketing items and can design posters for Thursday night shows if they're up for the challenge. Perks of being a street team member are meeting a great group of people, which include bands & comedians; being involved on campus, as well as building your resume from firsthand experience.


The more involved you become with BDP, the more you may see yourself becoming a board member in the organization. There are ten positions on the board of directors, all of whom are Stout students themselves. These paid positions are yearly terms that run from January through December. Please check back Fall 2022 for available positions.

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Meetings are of course the best way to find out what the organization is all about. Coming to meetings will introduce you to other people who share the same interest, get you involved with the discussion of upcoming events, and eventually grant you access to voting on what is being brought to campus. Meetings are held almost every Monday during the school year, at 6pm in various locations throughout the Memorial Student Center. Stay tuned to our social media for those details.

Mailing List

We would like to welcome you to Blue Devil Productions, but first we need to know who you are. If you'd like to be added to our mailing list please see the contact page and let us know; joining the mailing list will enable you to gain a wealth of knowledge about our upcoming events, as well as how you can get more involved with the group!